Now for something totally different…Modular Synthesis

Sorry for the looooong break between posts. Since posting last, I’ve found a home in San Francisco, found a kick-ass job as a Technology Evangelist at ngmoco:) / DeNA, and decided that I need yet another time-intensive, expensive hobby.

So, I’ve had a love affair with analog synthesizers and analog processing ever since I bought my Moog Prodigy back around ’92. Since then, I’ve accumulated over 20 guitars, 8 amplifiers, 80-90 stomp boxes, and 3 synths. During this time, I’ve had more of each of these, but sold them for whatever reason. Yes, I’m a gearhead, and I LOVE creating neat sounds.

A few years back, a friend of mine loaned me his Dave Smith Evolver, as well as his MacBeth M5. While it was a little bit of a steep learning curve for me at the time, I knew that I wanted to work with this stuff.

Fast forward to last year where I met this fellow at work – where he typically doesn’t wear the funny hat. We began talking, and one thing led to another until he finally put together his modular this past February. Given that I’d been toying with building a modular for a while, I visited him, and we spent some time sipping whiskey and talking about modulars while I contented myself with twiddling knobs on the various modules. At that point, I had no other choice than to start building my own.

Voila!!! Look no more for that time-intensive, expensive hobby. And, let me tell you, modular synthesis is a gearhead’s DREAM!!!

So, with all that said, I’ve begun collecting modules to build my very own modular. Since posting my purchases on Facebook, a friend has been asking that I post more about how I go about purchasing and why I purchase particular modules, so I’ll be doing just that in the next few articles. (And they should come more briskly this time )

For those of you that don’t know much about synths, take a look at The Basics of an Analog Synthesizer

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    • I’m getting to it, I’m getting to it. 🙂

      I’ll have another article up within the week with more information on picking modules and why I picked the ones that are starting to arrive.

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